Power of calmness after the age of 50
Your Guide to a Positive Life. The power of calmness after the age of 50 is the fourth in the cycle of original exercise collections.
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However, you can work with it independently of the other volumes, because it is a complete guide which will help you learn how to achieve peace and serenity. Step by step, you will learn how to deal with negative thoughts, start to believe in yourself, bring joy to your home and open your heart to love.


The Your Guide to a Positive Life series is not a typical guide. It will not bore you with long pages of impractical advice or incomprehensible information. This workbook is full of practical exercises that you’re going to want to come back to everyday. Take the first step towards a life full of energy!


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Author: Dorosz Katarzyna

Language: English

Print Length: 21 pages + 9 pages for your notes
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